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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 120 vs. Cubs

Ryan O'Malley Andy Pettitte
0 - 0, 0.00 11 - 12, 4.86

Wow. Who are these guys? Juan Mateo? Ryan O'Malley?

Rich Hill, who we HAVE heard of*, was supposed to start today for the Cubs, but was instead used in innings 17 and 18 last night, I mean this morning.

You may not be aware that Colorado and Arizona also played an 18 inning game last night at Coors Field, marking the first time in baseball history that two 18-inning games werre played in one night.

And in case you thought that the Astros game had some slow spots, be advised that the D-Backs won that game, 2 - 1. That works out to .083 runs per half inning.

No two teams had ever used more pitchers in a National League game than Chicago and Houston used last night either, with the Cubs using a nearly unfathomable ten, and the Astros using eight.

Coincidentally enough, the Cubs and Astros also used 18 combined pitchers on September 28, 1995, in a game won by the Cubs, 12 - 11. Donne Wall had started that one, and Todd Jones had taken the loss, in case you were wondering.

In addition, Borkowski's effort, doomed and futile though it was, also represented the longest relief outing by an Astro since Shane Reynolds threw 7 innings in relief against the Pirates on July 17, 1994. Unlike Wall and Jones and Borkowski and Clemens and anybody else who pitched last night for Houston, Shaner had gotten the win.

Digging up and relaying that kind of trivial information takes away some of the sting.

* Hill is just about the only starter in the 2006 PCL about whom it might be said that he had pitched better than Jason Hirsh. While I'd still give Hirsh the nod, Hill is a fair argument. No others need apply, however.