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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 119 vs. Cubs

Juan Mateo Roger Clemens
1 - 0, 2.57 4 - 4, 2.24

As Roger Clemens prepares to make his eleventh start of the year, I was alerted to a story on his son Koby, who's struggling a bit more at Single A Lexington in 2006 than he did at Greeneville in 2005.

After working through a hand injury earlier in the year, the younger Clemens has settled into the .230's average-wise, and has made fifteen errors. Most of his other numbers are equally unimpressive.

The Philadelphia Inquirer posted an update on Koby yesterday that may be helpful if you're like me and haven't paid enough attention to the minors this year. First, Clemens wasn't a prospect and his selection was a vanity pick for his father. Then, he WAS a prospect after excelling at Rookie Greeneville. And now, it seems maybe they were right in the first place.

Also in minor league news, Koby Clemens' own Lexington Legends became the second Astro affiliate this year to get no-hit on Sunday, as the Lakewood Blueclaws did the dastardly deed unto the Legends. You can read more about it from the point of view of the Legends here.

You may recall that the Carolina League Frederick Keys no-hit our Salem Avalanche on April 12.

It's kind of ironic that during a wildly successful year for the farm clubs--where it looks like five of the six affiliated clubs will make the playoffs--not just one but two of our minor league clubs have found themselves completely stymied for at least one day.

Though let's face it, I can deal with it at the minor league level. I'm just thankful Carlos Zambrano or someone of similar ilk hasn't tossed the no-no at the anemic major league club. . . . although I half expect newbie Juan Mateo to take another serious crack at it tonight.