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Check out the new box I've put below the diaries, if you wanna.  I call it "doodads" and it's basically information I've extracted from this more-and-more-complex Excel Sheet I've been keeping all year.

Nothing crucial, but it's info that is now being kept track of by the program, so I should have no problem keeping it current (unlike, say, the minor league standings).

Also while I was messing with that I found a way to break the Astros record down by runs scored and runs allowed from game to game.  For example, the Astros' record when scoring exactly four times is 8 - 7; when allowing seven or less, it's 55 - 42.

I can't promise to update that stuff daily, only because it was a pain in the ass not to collect it, but to post it.  It'll be automatic on my excel sheet from now on, so maybe I can figure an easy way to collate the info on TCB.

For now you can see what I'm talking about here.