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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 117

Woody Williams Brandon Backe
4 - 4, 3.89 3 - 1, 3.69

Watch them Brandon Backe at bats in today's crucial rubber game with the Pads. You just know Backe will be attempting to match the recent hitting exploits of Oswalt and Pettitte.

It's always nice when Backe grabs himself a base knock or an RBI, but what I'd really most like him to do is match the recent exploits of Andy and Roy on the mound.

Brandon's coming off two nice starts, and I hope he doesn't focus so hard on hitting a jack that it prevents him from making it three in a row.


Funny how the game of baseball works . As the official site and Jose Jesus de Ortiz both note, Jason Lane was the first choice to be jettisoned, before Preston, but his cheap contract and still-tangible upside prevented Lane from clearing waivers.

So Lane is now guaranteed a major league job for the rest of the year, despite underachieving to a much greater extent than P-Dub ever did.

Knowing Jason, the fact that he no longer had to worry about getting sent down again played a part in his ability to grab the pinch-hit double last night.