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Game Hero, 56 - 58

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Morgan Ensberg
  • 1 for 3, 1 BB, 3 RBI
  • First homer since July 7
  • Second Homer since June 4
  • .439 OBP in August
JD and Brownie gave their little award to Ausmus, and I could go with that--if Morgan hadn't hit a three-run homer.

Beyond merely providing Lidge insurance, Ensberg's blast changed the complexion of the game, which was rapidly starting to take on the character of the last two series-closers, where the Astros "just came up short" after wasting opportunities all game.

Ensberg made sure we swept the Pirates, and in addition, pointed out to all us naysayers that upon closer inspection, no-one's been able to keep him off base since he began his rehab.