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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 115 vs. Padres

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Chan Ho Park Andy Pettitte
7 - 6, 4.63 10 - 12, 4.96

Hypothetical situation: If I were going to change my mind, and allow for the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the 2006 Astros might have a real shot at the postseason--and I'm not saying that I WILL change my mind, just that I MIGHT--if I allowed for that possibility, I'd really think this upcoming series vs. the freshly swept Friars was important.

My thinking in that case MIGHT go like this: If Houston can bridge the gap between the series against the two patsies Pittsburgh and Chicago with a series victory over a team with a winning record--and one ahead of us in the Wild Card standings (not that I've been looking at them)-- well, that might just mean that maybe it might could be an interesting September.

Speaking hypothetically of course.




[I don't mind if Houston loses, only if they break my heart, and well, you gotta do what you can to protect yourself]