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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 106 at Padres

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Andy Pettitte Jake Peavy
9 - 11, 5.18 5 - 10, 5.01

Sometimes I wonder if it's necessary for me to link to a story that I know everybody who might pass by has already read anyway.

A story like this one, for example.

Most of the times when we evaluate news off the official site, we ignore the distinction between the club and its players. Since Purpura, let's say, and, oh, I dunno, Brandon Backe, are equally remote from us as fans, and because most of the time the club has a vested interest in making its players look good, we tend to gloss over the fact the official site and are tools of management.

We forget that the players have their own site at, until you read something where you're reminded that well, maybe the view presented on is maybe just a little bit biased in the favor of management.

Footer's story was a little bit of a hatchet job, I thought.

I can absolutely understand Roy Oswalt's stormy reaction to the news that he'd been dangled, and when he says, "They say I'm a franchise player, just like Lance. If I'm just like Lance, treat me like Lance," I understand exactly what he means.

After all, it was because we all thought Roy was untouchable that the rumors were so surprising when they hit. So if we were surprised, can you blame Roy?

The story on the site tries to dodge the issue by saying that the Astros never offered Oswalt, but even they admit that they continued to talk turkey after the O's brought him up.

And we are treated to quotes where Purpura says all kinds of nice things about liberty egalite and fraternity under the Astro flag, that Roy's "been a key part of our tradition." Well.

I don't like it when I hear any player--not Bagwell this past offseason, and not Oswalt now--sniffing that oh how sad it is that he had to be "reminded that mostly, it's a business," but I can say that T-Purp wasn't forgetting that small detail when he gave his speech about loyalty to the 'Stros.

I remember before Game Six of the 2005 NLCS, I was lucky enough to get one right. I said that there was no-one in baseball that I'd rather have pitching in that game than Roy Oswalt. And now I'll say something similar: there is no-one in baseball more deserving of a big five-year contract than Roy Oz.

Not only that, I think Drayton knows it, too.

So while I think Roy has a right to be legitimately miffed today, I don't think he'll hold a grudge, and when Drayton comes in with eight figures of love, everyone will look back at this little spat, and laugh.

Did y'all see where Fire Joe Morgan took high and careful aim at Richard Justice? Boy O boy. Not about the false Lidge-rumors he was promulgating yesterday, unfortunately, but you can't deny the progress. The disdain for Richard Justice goes nationwide!

Oh, and while I wouldn't have minded seeing Clemens dealt for a major league bat or even young pitching, just what in the fuck makes Jayson Stark think that Drayton McLane owes Roger Clemens anything after agreeing to pay him the prorated portion of 18 million freaking dollars? Stark is usually sensible, but that column was a freaking joke.

Shit, Hank Aaron played his last game before 6800 people in Milwaukee; I don't particularly think Roger Clemens' enormous legacy will be sullied if he plays his last game before 15 thousand in Pittsburgh.