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Game Hero, 41 - 42

Lance Berkman
  • 2 for 3, Walk, Two Homers
  • 4 RBI, takes NL lead in ribeyes back from Pujols
  • Homers from both sides of the plate for the second time this season

It's been 18 long days since you could say that the Astros've won three in a row, but the amazing thing is the pitiful state to which the comp has been reduced. The Astros are now 5 - 8 over their last 13 games--in which span they've picked up three games on the Cards, who, with the loss to the Braves tonight, are 2 - 11 in their last 13 games.

The second place Reds have been playing better, but while the Astros have been winning three straight, the Reds have been losing a trio. Particularly creative was today against Milwaukee, when Turnbow blows it in the top of the ninth, allowing the Reds to take a 7 - 6 lead, then Coffey, um, coughs it back up in the bottom of the frame for the 7 - 8 defeat.

For an Astros fan, it was almost a perfect day: we beat the Cubs, the first place Cards and the second place Reds lose, and even the Brewers, while winning, suffer another confidence-rattling closer breakdown.

Turnbow's now got six blown saves to go with his 4.71 ERA, and if the Brew Crew fans weren't, like, the enemy, I could almost say I can relate.

Speaking of enemy fans . . . .