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Trade Deadline Super Special

Even though I've felt '06 was by the boards, because we have so much money coming off the books next year, and because Roy is a free agent after next season, not this one, I never imagined that we'd be acting like sellers.

I'm sure that Lastings Milledge has all kinds of potential. I'm sure he'll hit for the home run cycle one day. Further, I bet he hits .400 sometime next decade, and accumulates 5000 career total bases.

Sure on all that.

I'm still crossing my fingers we don't trade Roy freakin' Oswalt.

Of course, even assuming that all rumors you hear are true, just because Purpura makes a phone call isn't proof of his stupidity. The Rangers are of course free to offer Barajas and Wilkerson for Lidge Ensberg and Nieve; that's the way the game works. It doesn't mean that Purpura for a moment seriously considered it.

But I am scared, like saylinara was saying, that any deal that goes down is gonna end up being stupid. Like Tim is feeling he needs to prove that he can in fact pull the trigger, even after he's been exonerated for standing pat last year.

I don't get it. First he tells the Orioles that Roy is off the market, then he offfers him to the Mets.

At first I figured that as long as we got to keep Pence and Hirsh, what harm could be done? But if Purp's willing to trade Oswalt, what ELSE might he consider?

No-one's talking about Tejada today, and perhaps the Orioles simply got cold feet. A lot of people thought they should have taken the Angels offer, if not Houston's.

The Astros continue to be linked to Soriano, but I've yet to see any details. . . .