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Game Hero, 40 - 42

rastro would like to go on record and 
say that the knee-highs did nothing for him
Eric Munson
  • 3 for 5, Double
  • 5 RBI, all on two strike pitches
  • 17 RBI in 19 2006 starts

Another simple selection, praise be to Garner. If Munson doesn't double in the fourth, we probably lose. If he's held to the ninth inning single, we definitely do.

Notice the wild pitch Munson gave up with Lidge pitching, but also notice please CatcherBrad's RBI total in 63 starts, which is a 17 identical to what Munson has managed in less than 1/3 the opportunities.

The connection between Munson and team offensive production is a pretty strong one. The team has scored 10 runs or more in six games this year. Eric has started four of them. Furthermore, the team has collected 15 hits or more seven times, and Munson has been in the starting lineup for five of those seven. When you raise the bar to 16 hits, Munson's presence is indicated all four times.

Munson is clearly not Superman (witness his 0 for 6 record in pinch-hitting appearances), but it may be that his moderate power represents the little that is required to lift the team "beyond critical mass" in certain games.

With Ausmus showing no signs of breaking through the slump he's in, you may shortly find even Roy and Roger asking for Eric's services behind the plate.

We reclaim third, and the Silver Boot is now in Houston, where it belongs. I can just picture the drunken plans being made by fratboys at UT-Arlington in an effort to kidnap under cover of darkness the glorious symbol of our series victory . . . .
The Battle For
The Illustrious Silver Boot
in The Prestigious Lone Star Series
Year Astros Wins Astros Losses Control of The Boot?
2001 3 3 Rangers
2002 4 2 Astros
2003 4 2 Astros
2004 3 3 Rangers
2005 2 4 Rangers
2006 4 2 Astros

Nothing warms my cockles more than Control of the Boot.