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Matchup/Game Thread? Game # 104 vs. D-Backs

Juan Cruz Roy Oswalt
3 -5, 4.95 7 -7, 3.35

Roy Oz is 4 - 0 with 0.90 in four career starts against the D-Backs. Since he lost to the Reds earlier this year, it is now Arizona who have taken the Redlegs' former place as Roy's personal bitch.

But can Oswalt's schleprock mojo this year possibly be so bad that it overcomes all those saved up good vibes against the Snakes?

It's probably worth checking out (as should be Luke Scott's follow up to his command performance last night), but unfortunately, I can't.

Gotta run, meet some friends, watch geek-rock videos, drink some obscure beer. . . . others'd probably prefer watching paint dry, but I'll find it fun, trust me.

Always a hoot when you stumble in drunkenly at two AM and make your way shakily to the computer, fumbling with the mouse as you try to find in the dark.

And when the Astros have won, well, it's doubly cool!

So, Go Astros!