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More Cycle Trivia

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It's been well-noted this morning that Scott was the first Houston rookie to hit for the cycle, but the combination of hitting his first homer and hitting for the cycle is much rarer than that.


A Complete List of Major League Players
Who Hit Their First Homer
and Hit for the Cycle in the Same Game
Date Player Team Opponent Comments
9/23/1886 Jim McGarr Philadelphia (AA) vs St. Louis
7/5/1890 Bill Van Dyke Toledo vs. Syracuse only 2 lifetime homers
6/13/1894 Bill Hassamaer Washington vs. St Louis homered off Kid Gleason;
only 3 lifetime homers
6/18/1913 Cliff Heathcote St. Louis (NL) at Philadelphia homer came off Erskine Mayer; 42 lifetime
9/18/1980 Gary Ward Minnesota at Milwaukee Daryle's father finished with 130 homers
7/28/2006 Luke Scott Houston vs. Arizona Reversed natural;
First time the combo had been accomplished at night

It's out of date, but I still love my SABR Home Run Encyclopedia . . . .