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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 103 vs. D-Backs

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Enrique Gonzalez Brandon Backe
3 -2, 4.85 1 - 1, 4.50

Thanks to littlevisigoth for bringing us the news that the Brewers have raised the white flag. Seems to me that the Brewers are getting some decent players in return and are saving some money, what else could you want? But what do I know, you should read what the experts over at Brew Crew Ball have to say.

What's clear is that Milwaukee has decided to cut ties with its free agent slugger because it was becoming clear that 2006 was not the year, and they wanted to maximize chances for 2007.

The Brewers of course have the same record as the Astros.

But the Astros, in addition to that 48 - 54 record, also have Roger Clemens, and that is by way of intro to saying that we are indebted to saylinara for the note here, which, if true, indicates that Clemens has directed the 'Stros to go get Tejada, and that Purpura has most recently offered Ensberg, Everett and Nieve.

I'd heard that the Orioles didn't want prospects, and given this rumor, maybe that rumor was true, who knows. But I don't see Jason Hirsh's name, and I don't see Hunter Pence's name, and while I don't think I'll like Miggy as much as I like Ensberg, I could live with the deal if they made it.

But I think the deal if made would be neither required nor effective.

So we'll see what happens. . . .hey! It's fuckin ' 70's night. Is that cool or what?

And Backe's pitching. So break out the Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Boone's Farms, and let's watch the Rainbows kick some new-school ass!