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Game Hero, 47 - 52

Willy Taveras
  • 2 for 5, 2 runs, 2 RBI
  • Stolen base
  • Only the third multi-hit game this month
  • Unlike Jose Reyes, made sure to wear--and use--his sunglasses: no errors in center.

The WPA contraption says Berkman, but that was all based on one one play, and Willy T came through twice. The third inning sac fly wouldn't get all that much kudos normally, but lately, even getting that done has been a rarity; so it was pretty important when Willy busted through.

By the time he scored on the Burke infield single, the momentum was all in the Astros' corner, Willy was clapping his hands, going crazy, and it seemed like 2005 again.

Willy hasn't just been a disappointment; he's been terrible. After today he's slugging .314, with a .309 OBP. But Sunday's game at least reminded you why we all thought that Willy T could get it done.

I actually find it kinda sad, thinking about it.

Win Expectancy Chart

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Top Five Astros
Berkman   0.172
Taveras    0.157
Wheeler   0.118
Scott   0.114
Lamb   0.054
Bottom Four Astros
Ausmus -0.035
Palmeiro -0.036
Wilson -0.063
Oswalt -0.109
Top Three Mets
Delgado   0.310
Floyd   0.096
Feliciano   0.005