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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 99 at Mets

Noogie Attack!
Roy Oswalt Mike Pelfrey
6 - 7, 3.22 2 - 0, 3.27

This Pelfrey character was the Mets' number one pick in the June 2005 draft, and a guy whom the team had indicated during spring training would not be in the majors this year.

Well, I guess the plans changed when the rotation past Pedro and Glavine fell apart.

After going 4 - 2 with a 2.71 at AA Binghamton, Pelfrey was called up prior to the Mets' game with the Marlins July 8. He's since given up three over five to the Fish and 2 over 6 to the Reds.

Of Mets likely to play today, the only one with more than one extra base hit against Roy lifetime is Cliff Floyd, who is 6 for 16 career off Oswalt with two doubles, and two homers. Carlo$ Beltran is 4 for 7, all hits being singles.

I still love this team, but why do they hurt me so much?