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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 98 at Mets

Brandon Backe Orlando Hernandez
1 - 0, 2.25 5 - 8, 5.52

The long awaited return of Brandon Backe, the featured game of the week for the Fox bastards, and even optimists such as myself figure that an impressive effort from Backe--and some goddamned run support for him--is virtually required.

A loss today, coupled with the way the offense has backed up Roy all season, would make a Mets sweep virtually fait accompli.And if we are swept, it is quite possible that the freaking Marlins would have a better shot at the Wild Card than the Astros would.

So, sorry Brandon, we know you just got back, but we need you to put all those minor rehab walks behind you and pitch. . . oh . . .eight innings of shutout ball should do it.

One piece of good news for Brandon is that we've actually beaten El Duque this season. Back on April 16, while with his former team Arizona, Orlando H went 5-2/3 innings and gave 6 runs on 6 hits, punctuated by Lance Berkman's two doubles, and Morgan Ensberg's 3 RBI.

Ah, to be reminded of happy days . . .