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Matchup/Gmae Thread Game # 94 at Cubs

Roy Oswalt Carlos Marmol
6 - 6, 3.06 2 - 3, 4.23
National League Quality Start Percentage
(& Other Interesting Indications of the good year Roy is having)
Pitcher Team DIPS TLOSS Starts Quality
Brandon Webb Ari 3.01 2 20 17 85
Chris Capuano Mil 3.40 3 20 17 85
Roy Oswalt Hou 3.59 4 18 14 78
Aaron Sele LA 3.76 0 12 9 75
Brett Myers Phi 4.31 2 17 12 71
John Smoltz Atl 3.46 4 20 14 70
Bronson Arroyo Cin 3.75 2 20 14 70
Carlos Zambrano ChC 4.32 1 20 14 70

This is all off the ESPN website, but DIPS is defense independent ERA, and I blame Mike Lamb here. TLOSS is Tough Losses, simply losses in quality starts.

The way you explain this to your grandparents is "Of all those pitchers likeliest to pitch well, no-one is more likely than Roy Oswalt to receive a loss for his efforts."

Aaron Cook has more tough losses than either Oswalt or Smoltz with six, but Cook also has only 12 quality starts. Smoltz has the same amount of Quality Starts as Roy, but he needed two additional games to do so.

And both Sean Estes and Chris Sampson have higher QS percentages than Webb and Capuano, but that's because both threw a quality start in their only outings of the year so far.

So we don't count them.

Anyway, here's hoping Roy throws the no-hitter he'll need to hurl to get that much-coveted seventh win. . . .

Marmol went only 4-1/3 and took the loss, giving up 4 runs and 5 hits the day before Independence Day, but remember what Sean Marshall did against us when HE was coming off a poor start against us: seven innings of shutout ball.

Stay sharp, Roy.