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Game Hero, 45 - 47

Andy Pettitte
  • W, 8 - 9
  • 7 IP, 0 ER, 10 K, 2 BB, 5 H
  • 1 for 1, 1 RBI, 3 nearly perfect sac bunts, too
  • 75 Game Score is his second highest on the year

I've been pretty free with the criticism of Lefty this year, but it is nearly impossible to find fault with anything Andy Pettitte did Saturday night.

What I was able to take home with me was how well and how artfully Andy changed speeds. It seemed like every time a Marlin hitter was swinging flat-footed, Pettitte would pull the string and make 'em look foolish. And then when they were looking for something offspeed, well, that's when he uncorked the 90 mph fastball.

AP now has three straight well-pitched games in his kit bag. 'Course the last time he put together three Game Scores over 50 in succession, he came back with two straight clunkers. But I dunno, seems like Andy may have turned a corner with this game.

He was freaking masterful at times; at other times he got some luck, both good and bad. But it didn't bother him either way. Whe he needed the ground ball, he got it, wheh he needed the K, he got that.

He was more than OK with the bat, too. The RBI singles are always fun, but the odd thing is how good he is as a bunter. There are pitchers who've spent ten years in the National League who don't put it down as well as Pettitte.

So, yeah, from a vocal critic this year: three cheers for Andy Pettitte!