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Matchup Game # 92 at Marlins

Andy Pettitte Josh Johnson
7 - 9, 5.28 8 - 4, 2.21
I take it you saw the news that Brandon Backe is "good to go" for his July 22nd return. Just wish that buried within the same article wasn't the sad fact that during his last rehab start yesterday at New Orleans, he walked six guys, threw a wild pitch, and gave up three doubles among seven hits.

Longest of Brandon's four rehabs by innings, yesterday's supposed final tuneup was probably his worst by any measure of quality. Well, OK, second-worst, but you get my point. All systems may not be go, to split the main site's infinitive.

Ah well, if he wasn't frustrating, he wouldn't be Brandon Backe.

He's as likely to walk six and give up six runs next Saturday as he is to throw 7 innings of hitless ball. That's the integral component of the Brandon Backe mystique. I've missed it so.

Anyway, tonight: Josh Johnson is rather well-regarded by Marlins' fans, and was co-Rookie of the month for June, when he was 3 - 1 in four games with a 1.78. Shows how much I know, I didn't even know they HAD a rookie of the month.

Looks like he's been struggling with the walks, lately, however, so PATIENCE PAYS, people!

Andy has a 2.77 ERA in July, and the main site has announced (yet again) that he's looking to turn it around. Well, another good start like he had against Chicago or St. Louis and even I might have to admit that such a thing is possible.

Going to see the Astros, yay!