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Game Hero, 44 - 46

Aubrey Huff
  • 2 for 4, 3 RBI, 1 run
  • Homers in his first game, how about that?

Yeah, let's go with the new guy. I mean, it's entirely possible that the Astros MIGHT have won this game without Huff, but at the very least, our third baseman-for-the-time-being spared the good people of Houston from having to watch Lidge try to protect a one-run lead.

And that's worth a Game Hero trophy all by itself.

I hope it's been clear as I write these pages that I don't pretend to any expert status, that I'm just a schmuck with some time and an opinion. There's certainly nothing about my opinion that makes it right.

But I am shocked at the results of the newest poll so far. I had thought that with the last two games vs. St. Louis that it was readily apparent that Lidge-as-closer needed to be rethought. Yet a clear plurality of the visitors to this site (and the Astros themselves, going by the bullpen order we saw last night) think it should be business as usual closerwise in the second half.

Maybe it's just me, but Aubrey Huff or no, that's gonna be a recipe for further disasters.

Speaking of disasters, how about Mo freaking Ensberg? NOW he goes on the DL, NOW we find out that well, actually, the shoulder's been hampering him. There's a fine line between not wanting to look like a pussy, and hurting your team through dishonesty, and seems to me Morgan Ensberg has crossed that line twice. I've always been an Ensberg fan, well before most I think I can say, both for his substantial talent, and for his considerable amiability, but I may need to rethink that, as it looks like the guy's a pathological liar, who consistently confuses what's best for the team, with what's best for him.

Get well, Morgan, Aubrey'll hold down the fort until you're ready to tell us the truth.

And so it won't be Aubrey Huff in right after all, at least for a while. It'll be Berkman--which still bothers me--and maybe they can get Luke Scott a couple starts. saylinara suggested that the Astros will be showcasing him, and I think that's probably dead on. The Luke Scott situation--where he's tearing up AAA while the big club struggles for runs--had rapidly become a "farce," in the words of a reader, forgive me that I can't remember who. But a few homers in the majors might attract a team who can find the space for him that we can't.

Lastly, while it's not the Final Solution he probably would like, you just gotta feel good for jakechap, who has never been one to mince words about his opinion that Wandy doesn't belong in the rotation. Vindication must taste sweet for jakechap: now the Astros agree with him.