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Matchup Game # 91 at Marlins

Roger Clemens Anibal Sanchez
1 - 2, 2.82 1 - 0, 6.60
So the virus hasn't completely departed my body, but I'd say I'm at 60% or so systemwide, and I was able to get through a full day of work (unlike yesterday) so I'm gonna head out to The Stadium Formerly Known As Joe Robbie.

For all I know, yesterday was the first Astros game in South Florida to ever go off without my being in attendance.

My memory ain't what it was. But I do remember the grand slam Chris Hammond hit off Shane Reynolds. I remember the matinee when Pete Harnisch couldn't get out of the first; he gave up six runs in 2/3 of an inning on a day when the boss gave me the afternoon off so I could head out. The camera guy photographed my mess of a scorecard, ruined after one tragic inning that never wanted to end, beamed the sad story all the way back to Houston.

Shit, I even remember Marlin catcher Mike Redmond's inside-the-park home run, Berkman was playing center, and made a terrible diving stab at a liner, the ball rolled to the 435 sign, we all felt sorry for Redmond, he had to keep running, and at the end he just collapsed at home plate, Melanie and I died laughing.

Or how about when CJ Nitkowski hit three straight Marlins with a pitch, tying the modern day record for HBP's in an inning? I remember that, too.

Hey, how come all the plays I remember happened to the Astros, rather than for them?

Anyway, point is I think I'd remember if I'd missed a game when the Astros came to town, and I don't think I had.

Until the pathogen struck yesterday.

So even though I'm not 100%, I'll be out there. And the Rocket makes it an extra-special treat tonight.

So, won't be around, have fun watching, look for the ugly fat balding dude in the crowd, go Astros!