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Matchup Game # 90 at Marlins

Roy Oswalt Dontrelle Willis
6 - 6, 3.15 6 - 7, 3.94
I was gonna go to this game tonight, pretty psyched about it yesterday, actually, but then this morning some evil pathogen zapped me. And now I can hear the fluid sloshing about in my skull, I've got the hot and cold willies, temperature regulation systems totally fucked, feel stupid, sluggish, spindizzy without any motile grace at all, and the major muscles ache very deep, down to where the tendons attach them to skeletal mainframe.

Sick like a dog, Holmes.

Looks like instead of attending the game, I'm gonna sleep through it.

Kinda hard to formulate any thoughts given my condition, but seems like Willis kicked our asses on Opening Day, seems like we'll be using a new player, Hough, Huffy, third baseman, right?

Hope he does good, whatever his name is. Hope the Astros win.