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Hear Hear

I try not to pay attention to the people that are involved. . . I listen to the talk radio stations and how everybody thinks it's a witch hunt for [Barry] Bonds. I don't see it that way. I just think they're trying to get everybody in the game that's doing it. It's illegal.

--- Mike Lamb, on the Grimsley situation, quoted at the official site                        

So add Mike Lamb's name to the list of those who are going to be slightly embarassed if evidence ever implicates him.

But seriously folks, I haven't mentioned the Jason Grimsley incident, but this appears to be much bigger news than the Game of Shadows thing, and I am sincerely hoping that my belief that players are for the most part playing honest is not dashed into a million tiny pieces.

Don't know whether it will be days or weeks, but names have been named, and they will be leaked, at some point.  When they are, I sincerely hope that no-one on the Astros 40-man is included, but is that too much to ask?

Your comments, should you have any, are actively solicited.