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Game Hero, 30 - 31

Lance Berkman
  • 3 for 4, 2 HR, 4 RBI, 2 R
  • 17th and 18th homers,
  • 51 RBI's passes Jason Bay for 4th in the NL
  • Clutch ass throw from right to cut Francouer down at the plate
  • Even scored a run
The parts did indeed begin to mesh a little tonight, although through five it looked like same old same old.

But the defensive play play that was part clutch, part luck, and part savvy appeared to ignite the team to the point where Orlando Palmeiro notches the hit that puts it away.

If you hadn't already, note that in the standings next door, Cincinnati has taken over first place from the Cardinals. While I knew that the Cadinals were susceptible (I have proof!), I am beginning to revise my opinion of the Reds. Still think they need a closer, and another of the annual injuries to Griffey would hurt, but the Arroyo, Harang tandem is for real, and just may be enough at the top of their rotation given that offense.

The Unquestioned Play of the Game
other than the three-run homer, I mean . . .
or I guess the Lamb shot was bigger, too.
but it was definitely bigger than the Berkman solo shot,
or the Biggio double