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The Rest of the Draft

If you hadn't seen it on the official site or at the Chronicle:

  1. Kevin Fox, LHP, Biola U.
  2. Drew Holder, OF, Dallas Baptist
  3.  Justin Stiver, RHP, Florida Gulf Coast U.
  4. Colt Adams, RHP, Dixie State College  
  5. Orlando Rosales, CF, U Tampa
  6. Robert Soblolewski, SS, Sarasota (Fla.) HS
  7.  Anthony Bello, LHP, Nova Southeastern
  8.  Chad Wagler, RHP, Kent State
  9.  Tim Torres, SS, Oral Roberts
  10.  Jonathan Wiedenbauer, LHP, Seabreeze (Fla.) HS
  11.  Jamaal Hollis, RHP, Whitney-Young (Ill.) HS
  12. Lenell McGee, 3B, Mount Carmel (Ill.)HS
  13. Cirilo Cruz, 1B, Cumberland (Tenn.) U.
  14. Brandon Caipen, 3B, Youngstown State
  15. Rafeal Parks, RF, Greenbrier (Ga.) HS
  16. Eric Taylor, 3B, UCLA
  17. Kyle Deyoung, RHP, Florida Southern College
  18.  Adam Hale, RHP, Texas A&M
  19.  Codi Harshman, CF, Sabino (Ariz.) HS
  20. John Anderson, RHP, Captain Shreve (La.) HS
  21. Patrick Allen, RF, Everett (Wash.) CC
  22.  Jonathan Moore, C, Arlington Lamar (Texas) HS
  23. Trent Henderson, SS, Newport (Wash.) HS
  24. Casey Anderson, C, West Ouacita (La.) HS
  25. William Kline, RHP, Mississippi
  26.  Steven Detwiler, SS, San Rafael (Calif.) HS
  27.  Axel Gonzalez, CF, Rosalina C. Martinez School
  28.  Kevin Sullivan, C, York Community (Ill.) HS
  29. Greg Joseph, LF, Mt. San Jacinto (Calif.) JC
  30.  Adam Pilate, CF, Sylacauga (Ala.) HS
  31.  Cody Madison, CF, Vista Del Lago (Calif.) HS
  32. Joey Wong, SS, Sprague (Ore.) HS
  33.  Michael Pericht, C, Providence Catholic (Ill). HS
  34. Jerry Quinones, LHP, Compton (Calif.) CC
  35. Andy Launier, 1B, Sierra (Calif.) JC
  36. Paul Henley, CF, Rice

Only a few comments:

  1. # 16 Drew Holder is out of Dallas Baptist, the same school where Ben Zobrist played.
  2. I hope this Colt does better than the last Colt.  Colt Griffin, a Texas high schooler who threw 100 miles an hour and was taken number nine in the nation by Kansas City in 2001, has become a sort of quick mnemonic for the reasons you don't take a high school pitcher with a high-round pick. Colt Griffin has been a sensational failure; # 18 Colt Adams hopefully will be at least a moderate success.
  3. # 19 Orlando Rosales played with  # 2 RHP Sergio Perez at the Univeristy of Tampa, and makes it no fewer than 10 draftees out of the state of Florida
  4. # 24 Jonathan Wiedenbauer is undoubtedly the son of Tom Wiedenbauer, a longtime pitcher, coach and manager in the Astros minor league system.
  5. # 50 Paul Henley played at Rice with # 9 2B Gregory Buchanan, and you wonder if Lance has any influence on the draft?