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Game Hero, 29 - 31

Chris Sampson
  • 7 IP, 3 H, 1 K, 0 BB, 0 ER
  • Nifty little Game Score of 70
  • 16 Ground Balls, 5 Flyouts
  • Joins Darryl Kile, Carlos Hernandez and Brandon Backe (et al, I'm sure) as Astros of recent vintage who threw at least seven innings of shutout ball in their first major league starts
Nice to win a series, but if you're relying on Brad Ausmus to drive in your winning run, or on this staff to throw nine innings of shutout ball, you might as well get used to the feel of third place--if you can hold onto it.

Sampson's effort gives you a smile, but I'd have been a lot happier if we won 7 - 6.

saylinara's right: if Chris Burke's shoulder is going to start popping out of socket spontaneously, he may have a very limited future in the game. But those are long term concerns: right now, you have to wonder what you're gonna do to replace a guy who'd had hits in seven of his last ten games.

And I don't want to make it sound as if Morgan Ensberg is the root of the problem. He's not, but you can call him a canary in a coalmine. He's a good indicator of how bad things have gotten. He's 5 for his last 29, and hasn't had a multiple RBI game since May 26 at Pittsburgh.

I'd put my hard earned down that Luke Scott gets called up when/if Burke gets put on the DL. You can send Berkman back to first where he belongs for chrissake, let Lamb be your first pinch-hitter for a little bit and maybe play a game at third to spell Morgan.

The Astros have not yet admitted that Burke will need to go on the DL. And since he was able to come back so quickly after the injury in Denver, maybe he doesn't. But seems to me rest would be a good idea, if only to have the time to contemplate surgery. So I'd bet that Burke does in fact get placed on the disabled list. And if so, the Luke Scott move goes from one that can be argued for to one that's nearly required.