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The Long Delayed Return of Game Hero, 28 - 31

Wandy Rodriguez
  • 7 IP, 5 H, 1 K, 3B, 0 ER
  • First Quality Start for an Astro pitcher since May 30
  • One of six National Leaguers with 7 wins
  • Even scored a run
I'm not gonna get all hysterical over this one, but given Wandy's last start, you can't help but feel a little more emboldened about this team's chances to recover from what has surely been an awful, awful slump.

St. Louis getting their asses kicked helps, too.

Yet, the wildly bipolar consecutive starts from Wandy remind me of Taylor, who I've just about given up on, and 12 men left on base is gonna hurt against a good team.

So the remains of negativity are evident wherever you look, but nice start, Wandy, let's end this busy day the best way possible: with an Astros win and the ceremonial awarding of the Game Hero.


Figured it might be worthwhile recapping the day's events. Again, a LOT of shit happened.

  • 1. Roy Oswalt gets put on the 15 Day DL. Chris Sampson will make Oswalt's scheduled start tomorrow.
  • 2. Brandon Backe is moved to the 60-day DL, so that lefthander Philip Barzilla can be transferred to the 40-man and called up from Round Rock. Barzilla will be the southpaw reliever Sampson would have been for the duration of Roy's (hopefully brief) stay on the DL
  • 3. The Astros select high school catcher Max Sapp with their number one pick in the 2006 Amateur Draft, and then take thirteen more--including four players from the State of Florida and two from that baseball hotbed, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo--before picks run out for the first day.
  • 4. Roger Clemens throws 63 pitches, allows 3 hits (including a homer) and strikes out six while walking none in his first minor league tuneup. His son drives in one and scores one while doubling in Lexington's 7 - 4 victory.
  • 5. Wandy Rodriguez goes seven scoreless, and the Astros win a baseball game for the first time in their last six attempts.