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Game Thread, Lake County at Lexington

Lake County Captains at Lexington Legends
Albert Vargas Roger Clemens
4 - 6, 4.08 0 - 0, 0.00


Niuman Romero SS
Marshall Szabo 2B
John Drennen CF
Matthew Fornasiere: DH
Mike Conroy LF
Nick Petrucci 3B
Joshua Noviskey C
Fernando Pacheco 1B
Juan Valdes RF
Albert Vargas P


Josh Flores CF
Eric King 2B
Tommy Manzella SS
Mark Ori DH
Ole Sheldon 1B
Eli Iorg RF
Ryan Reed LF
Koby Clemens 3B
Jeff Mackor C
Roger Clemens P

Just as I thought the idea of the Bagwell rehab start at Corpus last year was cool, I am just all over this Clemens start at Lexington. I've got the MiLB.TV thing going, and will see what I can share.