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Matchup Game # 59 vs. Cubs

Kerry Wood Wandy Rodriguez
1 - 1, 4.50 6 - 3, 4.81

My, what a remarkably resilient bunch of Astros we have here. Each time you think they have scraped the bottom of the barrel as far as their play, that it would be impossible to have a game that was any worse, through perseverance and sheer dogged determination in the matter, they somehow find a way to prove you wrong.

Zambrano is of course a dynamic talent, but one-hitters aren't common for him, and that the freaking Cubs--the most anemic run-scoring bunch in all the league--should score 8 runs off us at home--well, it's like I said, this team keeps surprising you.

We'll see how dominant we can make What's Left of Kerry Wood look tonight . . . .

For someone who started his career against the Astros with such a bang, Wood sure has been lousy against Houston this millenium. He hasn't beaten Houston since 2002, and has a 5.50 ERA against the Astros since they left the Astrodome.

Yet I'm sure he will dominate this eve.

As you are probably aware, the amateur draft has been going on today, and I will try to keep up with the action, such as it is:

Astros 2006 Amateur Draft
Rd Player Pos. School
1. Max Sapp C Bishop Moore HS
2. Sergio Perez RHP U. Tampa
3. Nick Moresi CF Fresno State
4. Christopher Johnson 3B Stetson U.
5. Casey Hudspeth RHP U. South Florida
6. David Norris RHP Cal Poly-SLO
7. David Qualben LHP Pace U.
8. James van Ostrand RF Cal Poly-SLO
9. Gregory Buchanan 2B Rice
10. Nathan Karns RHP James Martin HS
11. Thomas Vessella LHP Whittier College
12. Bryan hallberg RHP Pace U.
13. Christopher Salamida LHP SUNY-Oneonta
14. Justin Tellam C Pepperdine

Of course I've never heard of any of these people, so I can speak in only the broadest of terms. No high school pitchers who throw 100 miles an hour, so that's good, although I wonder how many hotshit high school catchers make it.

And did the 'Stros do all their scouting during the Grapefruit League? There is a definite South and Central Florida feel to the first five rounds. . . .