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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 78 at Tigers

Roger Clemens Nate Robertson
0 - 1, 3.60 7- 3, 3.38

Grey, windy, wet in Medley where I work today. Tornado warnings, and worse, no DSL after about 2:30 wth all the brownouts.

So no chance to work on anything deep and perceptive prior to the game tonight--not that I've made a habit of that anyhow.

Clemens' second start, but I didn't need to tell you that. or that interleague has treated us very, very poorly.

Berkman showed us the flash point has gotten very very low with the antics last night, and Garner showed us that he wants to be perceived as a leader, even if the net effect is that we see he can follow the rote script as well as anyone.

Salvation won't come from a Mikulik-style tantrum, it'll come from eight innings of three-hit ball.

Maybe Roger can provide this?