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Game Hero/WPA, 38 - 38

Chad Qualls/Trever Miller/Fernando Nieve
  • Combined 4 IP, 2 H, 0 BB, 0 ER

Everyone following knew the 'Stros were done as soon as it went extras, because Qualls was gonna pitch as crappily as had Springer Wheeler and Lidge. It was fait accompli.

Well, Qualls changed your mind pretty quickly: what was left of the pen was going to do the best they could to hold the fort until Houston could score.

Miller shocked 80% of Houston when he struck out Thome, and Nieve I don't think was too bothered, at least from his results.

Miller worked Thome up and inside, but Qualls and Nieve were down to everyone, and two of our most home run-prone pitchers were obviously determined not to leave anything up and out.

And then we got a break. . . .

Win Expectancy Chart

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Top Five Astros
Qualls   0.366
Everett    0.310
Nieve   0.265
Oswalt   0.210
Bruntlett   0.208
Bottom Four Astros
Burke -0.132
Biggio -0.162
Ausmus -0.454
Lidge -0.477
Top Three White Sox
Iguchi   0.456
Jenks   0.156
Uribe   0.054

This was an important one, but more to the point, would have been a backbreaking loss. The team got disappointing performances from many key players, yet still found a way to win.

Despite the huge lead given back, I think this is a positive, maybe even a major positive.

Events, as always, will let us know if I'm right.