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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 75 at White Sox

Taylor Buchholz Jon Garland
4 - 6, 5.82 6 - 3, 5.58

I'm starting to get a complex about the Chicago White Sox and Scott Podsednik. Another loss to the Pale Hose in which we played well. If only we hadn't given up the homer to Podesednik . . .

Even with Morgan's struggles, even with the up and down nature of Wandy and Taylor and Fernando, even with the bullpen and their problems, I have begun to think that the single greatest problem with the team is the terrible season it is getting from Andy Pettitte. I mean, yeah, AP's had a few good games, but so has Taylor, and Taylor should be in the bullpen today, while Nieve gets the start.

(Funny how the club thinks that Nieve is more suited for the 'pen. I would have thought precisely the opposite).

Anyway, point is, due to a well-timed Cardinals losing streak (or maybe it's just the fact that the AL is far superior to the NL), the Astros are still in this thing, even as they awake this morning at .500.

But if Andy doesn't get going, it won't matter. Morgan could hit 25 homers in the next 60 games, and it won't matter. The club could bring up Luke Scott like I keep crowing about, and Scott could add another 15 jacks, and it won't matter. We could figure out how to use Chris Burke wisely in the field, and it won't matter. The back end of our bullpen could get on the same page for a change, and put uniformly great appearances together for one solid month, and it won't matter. If your number two starter flat out sucks, you have no shot.

Come to think of it maybe Taylor shouldn't be in the bullpen. Maybe it should be Andy.