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Game Hero 37 - 35

Adam Everett
  • 3 for 4, 2 doubles, 2 RBI
  • Ties Berkman for second on team in doubles with 12
  • .821 OPS in June
  • After striking out 11 times in April and 14 times in May,
        Adam struck out for only the 3rd time in June tonight

The Times Selected, Game Hero statistic probably sits somewhere south of the RBI when it comes to the respected stats of the sabermetrically inclined, but still . . . kind of surprising that Everett has been good so often, while sucking so much. This is Adam's fifth Game Hero, which is pretty good for a guy with a bad back who's hitting .239 and has a -6.0 VORP.

Even his cumulative WPA is horrible, last on the team, which might surprise you, considering tonight's game wasn't the first where his at bat(s) had made the critical difference.

Give him credit, though; playing like Tejada without the power every fifteen games or so while completely sucking the rest of the time is much preferrable to consistently going 1 for 5.

Still think they need to get the platoon going with Eric B, though; Everett's at .282 SLG vs. southpaws, while Brunlett's at .526 . . . .