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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 70 vs. Royals

Brandon Duckworth Andy Pettitte
0 - 1, 3.18 6 - 7, 5.46

So here I sit, preparing an early lunch of Penne a la Vodka and feeling bad about jumping to conclusions, and I wonder if Will Leitch is doing the same?

Well, I don't worry so much about the penne. I know a lot of people like bacon and eggs for their Sunday brunch.

I was more wondering if Leich was feeling guilty now that his HGH affidavit expose of June 8 has had its first hole punched in it. You may recall that in a story published at Deadspin and given a reliability rating of 8 on a scale of ten by the author himself, a man by the name of Chris Mihlfield--who just happens to be Albert Pujols personal trainer--was named as one of those redacted in the affidavit filed by Jeff Novitzky.

The irresponsibility of it incensed me. Deadspin honcho Leitch knew that there was a 20% chance that he was wrong--a one in five chance that you could be ruining some guy's life!--and he still decided to publish. That's why the internet sucks, I said, although my self-righteous ire didn't keep me from making a Sammy Sosa joke.

And that's why I'm feeling just a little hypocritical this early afternoon. If you've read the affidavit, you probably noted the section that says "When asked what other current or former Major League Baseball Players used athletic performance enhancing drugs, Grimsley named (redacted) and (redacted)." One of the redacted players gets referred to in the next sentence by his last name only, and it's a short last name.

Leitch reported in his story that the name was "Sosa," and even though I spent three paragraphs defending this poor schmuck Mihlfield's name, that was good enough for me; I piled on.

The reason why all this comes up, of course, is that ESPN's got the guy with the short last name, and it wasn't Sosa. It was David Segui.

Of course the trainer mentioned in the affidavit wasn't named, and Mihlfield and Pujols haven't been exonerated. But our score in progress right now is Truth 1 Deadspin 0.

And it appears as if Truth and the Crawfish Boxes are knotted at one apiece.

Yes, this truly is the reason the internet sucks: it is so voracious for content, that you'll write anything to fill it up.

Myself included.

Now, go Astros!