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Matchup/Game Thread New Orleans at Round Rock

Anastacio Martinez Roger Clemens
4 - 3, 4.48 1 - 0, 1.11

Roger's gonna try to work on "stamina" tonight for the Express, who, like their brethren down the chain in Corpus Christi and Lexington, are now in first place after taking care of Albuquerque last night.

Hope you have your tickets: as the Express site reports that "[t]he Friday, June 16th game with Roger Clemens has SOLD OUT! Box and reserved seating, home run porch, berm seating and standing room only are no longer available."

They've also issued a "fan advisory," whatever that is.

For his part, Express CEO Reid Ryan said that "It should be a lot of the same (as Corpus Corpus) with just about 5,000 more people," and I think he was saying that with those Looney Tunes cash register eyes. . . .

Lineups Lineups Zephyrs
Bernie Castro 2B
Henry Mateo, SS
Ryan Church CF
Larry Broadway 1B
Brandon Larson 3B
Tom Godwin LF
Mike Vento RF
Alberto Castillo C
Anastacio Martinez P

Mike Rodriguez, CF
Joe McEwing 2B
Brooks Conrad 3B
Luke Scott LF
Royce Huffman 1B
Humberto Quintero C
Charlton Jimerson RF
Cody Ransom SS
Roger Clemens P