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Game Hero, 34 - 32

Craig Biggio
  • 2 for 4, 2 RBI
  • Hits number 2862 and 2863
  • RBI's number 1087 and 1088
  • No doubles, no HBP, what's wrong with the guy?

Reconstructing after the fact, I am forced to conclude that the Cubs had plenty of chances to win, all frittered away. Internal commentary seems to be focussed on the Jacque Jones strikeouts and Mabry facing Lidge rather than Todd Walker, but cripes, the game was there for the Cubs to take when Ramirez hit into the eighth inning double play.

The handy-dandy WPA chart below calls the Ramirez twin killing by far the biggest play in the game, and check it out! It liked the squeeze!

Win Expectancy Chart

click to open larger version in new window

Top Five Astros
Lidge   0.207
Biggio    0.137
Oswalt   0.081
Lane   0.069
Wilson   0.054
Bottom Four Astros
Berkman -0.019
Burke -0.027
Everett -0.029
Lamb -0.037
Top Three Cubs
Psycho-Barrett.   0.283
Nevin   0.257
Womack   0.075