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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 66 at Cubs

Ah, Mr. Barrett, we meet again Greg Maddux Greg
Roy Oswalt Greg Maddux
5 - 3, 3.11 7 - 5, 4.68

So Roy's off the DL now, and no pressure, but he's gonna have to win this one and a few more before the All-Star break if he expects to win that darn Cy Young I keep predicitng for him.

Fortunately, it's the Cubs, so a win is not unreasonable . . . .

Roy is 9 - 6 in 18 games against the Cubs with a 3.88, and was 2 - 1 against 'em last year with a 5.00 ERA. Juan Pierre is 7 for 17 off Oswalt with a triple and a walk, good for a .974 OPS, tops among those who might play tonight.

Aramis Ramirez has faced him the most, grabbing 39 AB's and nine hits including two doubles for his trouble. Most intriguing matchup should be vs. Michael Barrett, who may have forgotten about Roy, but I guarantee Roy hasn't forgotten about Michael.

The confrontations this eve will take on larger meaning given Barrett's .929 OPS off Oswalt.

You may recall that in 2005, Maddux beat Roger Clemens, but lost to Brandon Backe, big-time.

Craig Biggio has the absurd total of 119 at bats off Maddux. He has hits in 35 of them, including 6 doubles and a homer.

Lance is 7 for 22 with a 1.011 OPS, and Willy Taveras is 4 for 7 with a triple off Maddux, good for a 1.429 OPS. Don't know if that'll get Willy the start over the redhot Burke, but the numbers are what they are.