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Game Hero, 33 - 32

Chris Burke
  • 4 for 4, homer, 3 singles, and a walk
  • 5 runs and an RBI
  • 4 hits and 5 runs are career highs; 5 runs ties Craig Biggio (3x) for the franchise record
  • Hitting .400 in June, although he could work on the walks.

Garner has continued to look for the sparkplug that gets this team going offensively, and he may have found it in the most unlikely place possible: in the person of Jason Lane. Lane didn't have the great game he had Sunday, but he certainly didn't fuck anything up, and with Burke most often starting his trips around the basepaths at first, you've got to give Lane at least some credit for boosting Burke's impressive statline and Houston's most pleasant scoreboard totals.

And all of a sudden Preston's hitting curveballs, Andy's stringing together successful starts. The team's over .500, and has the fading second-place Reds firmly in their eyesights. Roy (definitely) and Morgan (probably) return tomorrow, and lo! that's a rocket I see on the horizon!