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Matchup/Game Thread, San Antonio at Corpus Christi

Travis Blackley Roger Clemens
5 - 4, 3.80 0 - 0, 3.33

According to Greg Rajan at the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, look for Roger "depending on how he feels" to throw 75 - 85 pitches tonight. If you could find any fault with Roger's outing at Lexington, it would be that he wasn't very efficient with his pitches. His limit in that game was 60, and he was unable to finish more than three innings before brushing up against it.

So what do we want to see? Six innings? Corpus manager Dave Clark told Rajan he expects to bring in Mitch Talbot when Roger is done.

The Hooks are right now the prize of the minor league system, and they won again last night, taking the opener of the five-game set with the San Antonio Missions, 8 - 3. Corpus now leads the Texas League South by 4-1/2 games, and has a magic number of four for the first half championship.