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Game Hero, 31 - 31

Mike Lamb
  • 3 for 3, homer, double, single, walk: the slow guy's cycle
  • RBI, 2R
  • Is--how you say?--Jorge Sosa's Daddy
  • Starts and completes the 3-6-3 DP on Langerhans in the fifth!
  • .391 AVG-.461 OBP-.695 SLG in June

The JD and Brownie show gave their Player of the Game ceremonial shoutout to Fernando, and the WPA contraption points at Preston. But JD and Brownie underrate the amount of damage a two-run shot can do in the first, while underrating the job that Qualls did.

And the WPA contraption overrates the game posted by the player who made the most important play.

When in doubt, I've looked to the pitching all year long, and I've probably undervalued Lamb's contributions all year long, to boot. I focus on his supposedly crappy defense, or make jokes about the silly way he runs, while ignoring small details like the fact that he's been over .300 every day but one since May first, and that he OPSed 1.046 in May.

Need more evidence of my inability to see the truth? Simply take a look at the disservice I did him tonight, when I suggested that Mike wasn't a good fit for the two-slot.

Well, my apologies, Mike Lamb. You've been kicking royal ass, and I owe you one. Here, as a token of my esteem, please take this Game Hero, yours to keep as our gift to you, even if you decide to return the Ginsu knives.

Win Expectancy Chart

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Top Five Astros
Wilson   0.193
Lamb    0.179
Biggio   0.099
Burke   0.044
Qualls   0.036
Bottom Four Astros
Everett -0.064
Ausmus -0.051
Ensberg -0.034
Palmeiro -0.001
Top Three Braves
A Jones   0.142
McCann   0.083
Villareal   0.010