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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 29 at Rockies 8:05 CST

Taylor Buchholz Byung-Hyun Kim
2 - 1, 2.05 1 - 0, 1.35

So Preston Fucking Wilson is 10 for 14 off Byung-Hyun Kim, has a 1.921 OPS off him, and has put together a line of .280/.348/.527 at Coors Field. I know that expecting something out of Preston just sets you up for a letdown, but is it possible that PeeDub may have a good game, or even a good series?

If you keep your head to the railroad tracks, you'll know what I mean when I say that Colorado is quite a bit like the Reds. They've had a good start, but don't expect it to last.

The Hardball Times says they are "an early season quirk, to be sure." ESPN, while claiming to give the Reds and Tigers "their due," ranks the Rockies 19th, behind the 12 - 16 Braves and the 14 - 13 Cubs.

Part of the skepticism lies in the fact that the traditional dynamic with the Rockies has been reversed. The Rockies are are 6 - 8 at home, and averaging 4.4 runs a game at Coors Field, while they are 10 - 5 on the road, averaging 5.9 runs a game on opponent turf.

Home vs. Road OPS
Road OPS Astro Pos Rockie Home OPS
x .950 Brad Ausmus C1 Danny Ardoin .481
.773 Eric Munson C2 Miguel Ojeda .875 x
1.008 Lance Berkman 1B Todd Helton 1.168 x
.533 Craig Biggio 2B Luis Gonzalez .714 x
x .885 Adam Everett SS Clint Barmes .530
x 1.075 Morgan Ensberg 3B Garrett Atkins .841
.827 Jason Lane OF1 Matt Holliday .864 x
.686 Preston Wilson OF2 Brad Hawpe .770 x
x .660 Willy Taveras OF3 Choo Freeman .536
.347 Orlando Palmeiro OF4 Cory Sullivan .489 x
x .596 Chris Burke Util/PH Jason Smith .536

If you'd like still more skepticism, you can find some in asking my opinion of the relevance of Kim's ERA. Kim had been out with a hamstring, and made his first and only start of the season against the Marlins last Sunday. Needless to say, Reggie Abercrombie and the boys did little, and now, until Houston knocks him around tonight, Kim's basic stats look like those of an effective pitcher.

Kim, of course, is no such thing. In his most recent outing against the Astros, Kim gave up 3 runs on six hits over 5. This was last June 29th, at Colorado, and he took the loss in a 7 - 1 victory by the Astros.

Kim has another loss, with a 5.40 ERA in 13 career appearances against the Astros.

Wilson has absolutely dismantled Kim, but no-one else really has many appearances against him. Lane is 2 for 2 off Kim with a double; Munson, 1 for 1.

Berkman is 1 for 6 with three walks, Biggio 1 for 8 with two walks, and while Kim has plunked 56 guys in his career, he has never plunked Biggio.

Todd Helton, due to return from the DL for Colorado today, is 2 for 3 off Brad Lidge, with two doubles and two walks. The Rockies, already buoyed by the return of the greatest hitter in team history from his bout with a mysterious disease, are probably ecstatic to hear that. . .

Wonder what the altitude will due to Taylor's curve?