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Wow This is Amazingly Cool

Perhaps you're all familiar with Fangraphs, a pretty innovative site that, the last time I saw it, was doing things like graphing Manny Ramirez' strikeout ratio over time.

I guess I missed it, but the site has become a lot more complete, and is in fact, by now, nothing short of incredible.

For one thing, they have been doing WPA charts for every game that's been played this season.  Here's last night's against the Redbirds.

Since they've collected the WPA data for every game, Fangraphs is also thus able to tell us Lance Berkman is the team champ in cumulative Win Probability Added, and that Preston Wilson . . .well, Preston's bringing up the rear.

And of course you can still do things at Fangraphs like take a look at how dramatic Biggio's loss of plate discipline has been over the last five years.

To be honest, I can't hang with such a wealth of Astros info, and if I were you, I'd probably stop wasting my time at The Crawfish Boxes, and start hanging out fulltime at the Astros page on Fangraphs . . . .