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Game Hero, 26 - 25

Preston Wilson
  • 2 for 5, 1 R, 1 RBI
  • Scored the third run and drove in the game-winner
  • Four-game hit streak, and third multi-hit game in his last four
  • 10 Hits, 2 K's over last four games

This wasn't like Michael Jordan saying OK, I'm taking over.

This was just four guys paying attention, making sure they got some good at bats before the game ended. And if you hate Preston and wanted to say Ensberg was Game Hero, then I'm OK with that. Or if you want to promote Mike Lamb, I certainly couldn't argue. If the bad luck the Astros have been trying to shake hadn't made an appearance during Bruntlett's last AB, you could probably make a case for him, too.

Sure some hits fell in, but haven't the Astros been due some good luck?

Still, don't make tooo much of this. Morgan Ensberg said, "There always seems to be that one game you look back at . . .This could be it."

Yesterday's game could be it, too.

The lowly Pirates took 2 of 3 from us. And how might the Cardinals treat us starting tomorrow?

But it's a start. You can't ignore the fact that despite what may have seemed like ample reason, Ensberg, and Lamb, and Wilson simply refused to concede this one.

A Look at That Amazing Endgame

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