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Game Hero, 25 - 20

Craig Biggio
  • 4 for 5, hitting .304, 51 hits in 45 games
  • 33rd career four-hit game
  • 2 runs scored, 3 RBI
  • 19th double leads the league
  • Robbed by Zimmerman in the sixth or that would have been second five hit game.

I've yet to see good footage of Lance's Ruthian shot, and I'll admit that maybe once I've seen that, I'd be more likely to genuflect in Lance's direction. But only sometimes does one swing a Game Hero make, and tonight is not one of those times. Considered co-Game Heroes with Craig and Willy, but though Willy had something of a breakout game (and Christ he needed it), Craig simply had a better game than the Roadrunner did.

The four hits in five tries also gets Biggio over .250 in the road batting average department, and over .300 in the road OPS section. He also doubles his walk and RBI totals away from Minute Maid. It's not much, but you really need to hope he can be better on the road in 2006.

Everyone who picked Wandy as the first Astro pitcher to notch six wins, send an email to, we'll put you on the same list as those who figured Colorado would have one of the league's best road offenses this year. . . .