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Game Hero, 24 - 20

Taylor Buchholz
  • W, 3 - 3
  • Complete Game Shutout, 9 IP, 0 ER
  • 6 K, 0 BB
  • 83 Game Score is third best of the year for an Astro, after Pettitte's shutout last Sunday,
       and his own effort April 22 vs. Pittsburgh

The The AP story said that Hickey had noticed a flaw in Taylor's after his nightmare vs. San Francisco.

"I watched some video with Jim (Hickey, Astros pitching coach) after my last start . . .I noticed I was flying open a hair on my delivery. I was trying to make my pitches too nasty and I knew if I could stop doing it, it would make a difference. I had more command on my fastball than anything else. I knew I had good stuff today.
Taylor got more aggressive, the deeper into the game he went. He didn't get his first 0 - 2 count until the third inning, but ended up with seven of them. And this time, Buchholz didn't make a practice of letting his hitters off the hook. He was able to retire 6 of the 7 batters he got to 0 - 2, with only Mench's 7th inning single marring things.