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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 44 vs. Rangers

John Koronka Taylor Buchholz
4 - 1, 4.22 2 - 3, 5.31
Deshaies tried to minimize the import of Andy's final line last night, saying that he pitched pretty well, considering he gave up 5 runs and 12 hits. It looked to me to be plenty worrisome, however. What Pettitte's performance against Texas most reminded me of was Taylor's last start, the first game against San Fran. Andy was continuously ahead of hitters 0 - 2 and 1 - 2, but couldn't put them away. Sure, several batters had balls fall in for them, but I remember a few doubles, too.

Now if Taylor gets ahead and can't convert, it's almost--almost, mind you--a positive. These are things that rookies learn, to stay sharp while not being too aggressive when ahead in the count. It'll come with time in other words. Or so it is hoped.

But when a veteran like Pettitte has a game where he contiuously gives away his advantages, you're really not quite sure what to think.

What I do know is that no starter is coming off a sharp start. Even Roy gave up a season high in hits Friday night, and gave up the tie three times running.

Win or lose, a strongly pitched game from Taylor today would really help.

Chris Burke was 2 for 3 for Round Rock yesterday with a stolen base, and will come off the DL tomorrow. Alysson Footer doesn't say so, but she's clearly got an idea that Burke might get some starts in left upon his arival. When she asked Garner directly, he said, "I have no grand scheme," which methinks is just the thing you want to say in times of trouble.


Footer also sees Berkman in right for an extended period, and that kind of gives me the heebi jeebies. Every now and then, you want to give Lane a day or two, OK. But Berkman belongs at first, clearly. If Garner wants to bench Lane, then he should move PW to right, and let Burke play left. Or even Lamb.

The real problem is that too many guys aren't hitting. There is no ideal lineup, because most of the guys you pick (including Lance, now that we're talking about it) are struggling in slumps.

Anyway, I won't ask for too much today. Just a well-pitched game, and if we can win a nailbiter that'll be gravy.