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Preview/Matchup/Game Thread vs. Rangers

Goo goo goo joob
Mr. Robinson Mean Mr. Oswalt
Sleeps in the Park
Shaves in the Dark
Trying to Save Paper
Robinson Tejeda Roy Oswalt
1 - 1, 9.00 5 - 3, 3.50

Wow, lots of stuff going on. Interleague play, and the resumption of the Quest For the Holy Boot.

The Battle For
The Illustrious Silver Boot
in The Prestigious Lone Star Series
Year Astros Wins Astros Losses Control of The Boot?
2001 3 3 Rangers
2002 4 2 Astros
2003 4 2 Astros
2004 3 3 Rangers
2005 2 4 Rangers
Just looking at things, and I think we have to admit Michael Young into the rarefied ranks of the Astrokillahs. How's .360/.400/.541 AVG/OBP/SLG sound? Young is a talented if not overly powerful hitter who has worked at the upper limits of his damage-infliction capabilities when facing the Astros.

His rates of production per game against Houston are some of his highest against any team that he's consistently faced, although man, he's really teed off on the Twins, too. Keeping in mind Young is not a power player, these numbers against Houston are pretty damned good:

  • 5 homers in 111 AB
  • 40 hits, 20 runs scored in 28 games
  • 13 RBI

Good news is that Young is 5 for 19 off Oswalt with 6 K's.

Teixeira 4 for 12 with two homers off Oswalt, Blalock is 2 for 13.

There's also the pregame ceremony honoring the 1986 team. According to the email I received, at least 15 members of that NL West Division-winning team were scheduled to be on hand, including Mike Scott, Bob Knepper, Nolan Ryan, Terry Puhl, Dickie Thon, Craig Reynolds, and you would very well imagine, Jim Deshaies.

Beam Me Up
Scotty, JD and Kevin Bass Whoop It Up
Back in the Day

Not so much into the Unified Stat Theory, but variety is the life of spice, and this table looks a little better for us than the one I almost did, which was OPS 7th inning on . . .

Win Shares YTD
Ranger Pos Astro Win
2 Rod Barajas C1 Brad Ausmus 6 x
0 Gerald Laird C2 Eric Munson 1 x
3 Mark Teixeira 1B Lance Berkman 10 x
2 Mark DeRosa 2B Craig Biggio 5 x
x 6 Michael Young SS Adam Everett 3
5 Hank Blalock 3B Morgan Ensberg 8 x
4 Gary Matthews, Jr. OF1 Jason Lane 4
x 4 Kevin Mench OF2 Willy Taveras 3
x 3 Brad Wilkerson OF3 Preston Wilson 1
0 Adrian Brown OF4 Orlando Palmeiro 0
1 D'Angelo Jimenez Util/PH Mike Lamb 1