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Composite Line Score

Outscored in the first inning, 9 - 2.

Outscored in the fourth inning, 9 - 1.

Outhit in the last two games 28 - 9.

Outhomered in the series, 5 - 1.

Total Bases, Giants:  69; Total Bases, Astros: 26

Astros reaching first base by any method at any point during the series in the 7th, 8th, or 9th innings: 8.

Love that Always Say Die attitude.

Our three starters go 10-1/3 innings combined

Nieve with a Game Score of 17, leads the starters in this series.  

Taylor had a 10.  Wandy had a 5.  A 5 Game Score!

Starters' WHIP for the series:  3.56

.196 team batting average for the series, .268 team slugging.

PW: 2 for 12, with five strikeouts

Willy T: 2 for 11, 3 strikeouts

Four errors, countless lackadaisical plays:
Dropped fly balls, lazy baserunning, mishandled grounders, double plays bollixed, double plays grounded into, bad routes taken, open bases not taken, four-pitch walks allowed, 0 - 2 pitches grooved, and oh yeah:  hit batsmen.

Worst. Three-Game Series. Ever.

If I were able to distill my disgust any further, I'd only end up with vomit.