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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 40 vs. Giants

Jamey Wright Wandy Rodriguez
3 - 3, 4.28 5 - 1, 3.02

So it's stopper Wandy tonight, going for his fifth win after an Astros loss, and hell no, he ain't afraid of no freakin' Barry Bonds:

It will be my first time against him," Rodriguez said. "I'll try to get him out. I'm not afraid, never. Why would I be afraid of Barry Bonds? Just pitch to him and try to get him out. He's a grand star.
Five years ago, I might have thought this attitude on Wandy's part to be just west of foolhardy. But in 2006, it may just work.

I shall be rooting fervently.

Jamey Wright is <heh-heh> 0 - 12 vs. the Astros lifetime with a <heh-heh> 7.35 ERA and a <heh-heh> 1.89 WHIP. Berkman has a 1.780 OPS against him, with three homers, Willy T a 1.125 in limited appearances with a double. Morgan's in the high .800's.

Wandy's never faced the Giants; He's 3 - 0 with a 3.24 and a 1.28 WHIP at Minute Maid. The Giants hit .246 and OPS .710 against lefties, slightly worse than what they do overall.

Big Fucking Asterisk