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Game Hero, 20 - 15

Wandy Rodriguez
  • W, 5 - 1
  • 6-2/3 IP, 4 H, 1 ER, 5 K, 4 BB
  • Yes, Wandy again. . . is his consistency getting boring?
  • Team-leading sixth Quality Start
  • Fourth time this season Wandy grabs the W following an Astros loss
  • 63 Game Score
  • Right now, better WHIP and better ERA than Roy Oswalt
Wandy the Stopper . . . while a victory today wasn't essential, it sure means a lot, not only to get the one win on the trip, but also to get a W as the Reds contemplate their upcoming series against the Phillies, and the Cardinals think about their nascent series with the Mets.

Who knows? A little luck in Cincy and the Astros could be 2 games back at the close of play tonight. . . which is not all that bad, considering that Houston is 1 - 6 over their last 7.

Either way, Wandy's pitching is a little like that dream you're having after you've already hit the snooze button once, stretched out and timeless in those delicious fifteen or twenty minutes after you get back into bed. Rafael Furcal is on third with no outs and you think the dream is damn near over, you're sure it's all gonna come flying apart. The alarm is gonna go off again any second now and ugly reality will demand to be faced.

But Wandy works out of it, and the dream goes on, so good.

I'll deal with the fucking alarm clock when I have to.

Balls in Play vs. Wandy Today
Astro LHSP with 15+ Career Wins
No More than 25% of Appearances in Relief
Astro Wins (G - GS)/G
Bob Knepper 93 6%
Mike Hampton 69 23%
Jim Deshaies 61 2%
Dave Roberts 47 14%
Greg Swindell 30 13%
Jerry Reuss 25 5%
Andy Pettitte 25 0%
Wandy Rodriguez 15 9%